About UnbrandedStudio.com

About UnbrandedStudio (and me)

UnbrandedStudio stores Jeff's work and experiment in graphic design and web design. UnbrandedStudio started about 4 years ago under a different name (allaboutbutter.com), but it lacked representation and focus. Through the re-branding process, UnbrandedStudio is launched to not only archives Jeff's work in both graphic design and web design, but also provides an extension for future projects.

About Me (Jeff)

I am from Taiwan, a small island country near China and Japan on the Pacific Ocean. After I have graduated from school and college, I begin to work as a web & graphic designer.

As a web/graphic designer for Acuity Brands Lighting, I have designed, developed, and maintained consistent corporate identities in both print and web marketing materials for various brands under the corporation (see my portfolio). Throughout my career, I have learned to communicate better with people, to better manage projects, and also to hone my design skills. However, I still don't feel it is enough, hence I have created the Lab to allow me to continuously explore new and better techniques.

Design Process

I am still relatively new to the design world, and many things are still in the process to be refined. For now though, I believe that whether a design is good or bad depends entirely on who is looking at it, how is it being used, and when is it created. In my opinion, a good design solves problems at a given moment, and will need to adapt over time eventually to reflect the people’s attitude in time. With that mindset, I have approached each of my projects with the same principles that I think have guided me well, and I hope the following points can help you too.

  • Design to Solve
    A design must be able to serve a purpose. All the bells and whistles that embellish a design can only capture people’s attention in the beginning, but fundamentally it will all boil down to if the design can stick.
  • Design to Aadapt
    A design must be able to overcome time, because people change over time. The design needs to be flexible, and continuously improve upon its intended message to keep up with the masses that perceive it.
  • Design to Please
    Functionality is definitely important, but any design must be pleasant to look at to stick with people and time. When any design fails to appeal visually to the viewer, then no matter how great the functions are, it is bound to become obsolete.

About UnbrandedStudio